General treatment

Useful information for pain treatments

Overview of treatment

We do not simply treat your pains. Dr Hoa is a top-tier expert in the field of pain management and is capable of combining many different treatments including:

  • Medication treatment
  • Interventional pain management
  • Advanced solutions for physiotherapy and exercise therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Posture therapy
  • Combined relaxation and meditation therapy
  • Psychological support

to comprehensively treat your pain

  1. Medication treatment

Our top motto is:

“Proper and appropriate medications, minimizing side effects”

  1. Interventional pain management

Dr Hoa is a leading expert in the field of interventional pain management, who is trained by the best professionals in the USA, France, Belgium and Singapore from 2005 to 2011

Certified by the Interventional Pain Institute in 2006. If your pain requires interventional pain management, consulting with Dr Hoa on the indications is a choice you should not ignore before making your decision.

  1. Advanced solutions for physiotherapy and exercise therapy

Dr Hoa PPC is equipped with the most advanced technology for physiotherapy and exercise therapy, with a disciplined staff trained in these new therapeutic techniques under strict instructions and supervision by Dr.Hoa and Dr .Dong –a rehabilitation specialist (Head of the spine department of the rehab center in district 8)

  1. Reflexology- Meditation and relaxation therapy

Plays no small role in treating chronic pain by guiding proper relaxation and deep breathing, improving oxygen saturation in the body, improving blood circulation and sleep quality, increasing energy, vitality and concentration. Each session of meditation-relaxation therapy is organized by experts in this field.

  1. Posture therapy

This therapy is being developed and will be completed once Dr Hoa finishes training with Egoscue Institute

  1. Orthodontic therapy

Anomolies of the foot can greatly affect different types of pain

This treatment is being developed

  1. Exercise library

Instructs patients on proper home exercises and plays no small role in comprehensive treatment. We have a library of exercises for many illnesses and yoga programs suitable for your illnesses

  1. Psychological support
  • Always explain illnesses in details, plan for treatments specifically, dedicatedly advise on all heath problems whenever the patient needs
  • Dedicated staff, upholding moral obligations of healthcare personel
  • An ambience full of love.

With the message “Live lovingly and gift virtuously”

Please come to us to experience the compassion of a physician, a dedicated staff, and the most advanced solutions in the field of pain management!